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NAH.SH Guarantee

NAH.SH Guarantee

In the event of late arrival at the destination station by 20 minutes or more, passengers on the local transport trains in Schleswig-Holstein can receive a compensation of up to 50% of the ticket price. For travel passes, compensations are paid on a pro-rata basis (travel passes are day, weekly, monthly or network tickets).

The NAH.SH Guarantee only applies to users of a ticket of the SH Tariff.

Please note: The NAH.SH Guarantee can only be transferred to a domestic German bank account.

The NAH.SH Guarantee is based on the valid timetable or the construction timetable in the case of construction work on the line.

What do you have to do?

In order to receive a compensation, you must apply within three days of the respective delay with the NAH.SH Customer Dialogue at 0431.660 19 449 or preferably use the form at

You must present your ticket either in the original or as a copy, scan or photo – this applies also for travel passes – in every case. You can send the ticket:

  • by email to
  • or by post to NAH.SH GmbH, NAH.SH-Garantie, Raiffeisenstrasse 1, 24103 Kiel.

If you use the online form, you can directly attach a copy of your ticket to the application. There is no need to send the ticket to NAH.SH in this case.

To which tickets does the NAH.SH Guarantee apply?

The NAH.SH Guarantee exclusively applies to users of a SH Tariff ticket. The NAH.SH Guarantee only applies to journeys actually made on local trains in Schleswig-Holstein or between Schleswig-Holstein and Hamburg. It can be claimed only by passengers presenting a valid SH Tariff ticket in the case of corresponding delays.

The NAH.SH Guarantee does not apply to tickets outside the SH Tariff (Tickets for DB national routes, state tickets, Schönes-Wochenende tickets, tickets of the transportation and tariff associations in Schleswig-Holstein, etc.), nor to free tickets, free student tickets or tokens for disabled passengers. The HVV Guarantee is available for passengers with tickets of the Hamburg Transport Association HVV. All information in this regard can be found under (German language only).

Delays for which compensation has already been claimed in the context of the statutory regulations are excluded from the NAH.SH Guarantee.

What about travel passes, all-day tickets and small-group tickets?

In the case of single tickets, compensation is half of the cost of the ticket printed on it. In the case of travel passes, compensation is paid pro rata. Small amounts are always rounded up to €1.50 when calculating.

In the case of travel passes, compensation can only be granted repeatedly until half of the actual purchase price is reached. Holders of all-day and small-group tickets are compensated pro rata. For day and small-group tickets, compensation can be claimed only once per delay and only by one person.

Special SH Tariff offers

Special offers of the SH Tariff, such as combi tickets, the Nachbarticket (Neighbour ticket) and the Sommerferienticket (Summer holiday ticket) are excluded from the NAH.SH Guarantee.

How will you receive your money?

Your compensation will be paid by bank transfer. Once compensation has been approved after checking by NAH.SH and the respective transport company, the corresponding amount in generally is transferred within 14 days at the latest after receipt of the claim notice. You will need a German bank account for the bank transfer.

Misuse and exclusion

The NAH.SH Guarantee is a voluntary service by NAH.SH GmbH, the state of Schleswig-Holstein and the rail transport companies in Schleswig-Holstein. There is no legal claim to compensation in the case of delay. In the event of misuse or repeated faulty or incomplete information, users may be excluded from the NAH.SH Guarantee.

Statutory passenger rights

Aside from the voluntary NAH.SH Guarantee, there has been Germany-wide, uniform statutory legislation governing customer rights in railway transport since July 2009. Detailed information in this regard can be found at (German language only).

Data protection

In order to process a claim for compensation, the necessary customer data must be collected and stored. By making a claim, the customer agrees to this saving of data. The information on the delayed journey will be sent to the railway company in question. Beyond this, all data will be used only for the purposes of processing the compensation claim. Personal data will not be passed on to third parties.