The Schleswig-Holstein-Tariff

The Schleswig-Holstein-Tariff (SH-Tarif) applies to journeys with local public transport in Schleswig-Holstein and as far as Hamburg (Tariff Area). No matter whether you travel with the local railways (RBSH, NBE, AKN, neg, Arriva), regional or city buses, you only need one ticket to reach your destination, even if you have to change trains or buses. There is one standard range of tickets and tariff regulations throughout the entire tariff area.

SH-Tarif tickets are valid on the route chosen by you, from point of departure to destination, in buses and trains. So when you purchase your ticket, all you have to do is enter the destination and, if needed, your zone of departure. In the departure and destination zones, you can travel with local city transport, of course without paying extra. If you have a ticket for the destination Hamburg, for example, this is also valid for all local transport of the Hamburg Transport Association (HVV) in the Hamburg AB (Rings A and B) tariff zone: Underground, urban railway, regionals and A-trains (U-, S-, A- and R-Bahn), buses and harbour ferries (express buses only with 1st class tickets).

The price of your ticket will depend on the traveling route covered. Our Price Tool (tariff request) makes it easy to find the correct ticket price for your journey.

You can purchase SH-Tarif tickets in buses and at the ticket machines and ticket offices of the transport companies in Schleswig-Holstein and Hamburg. Please remember to always buy your ticket before starting your journey and, when purchasing, state your destination and the type of ticket you want.

Please note: The SH-Tarif is applied here as well

  • for journeys with local trains as far as Toender st station in Denmark (RB 66 Niebüll – Toender)
  • for journeys by bus as far as Zarrentin am Schaalsee in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern (Line 8790 Ratzeburg – Zarrentin)
  • on the Firth ferries of the Kiel Tug and Ferry Company (SFK). Please note that an extra boarding fee is charged per journey and per person or dog. Further information can be found on the SFK website.

Please note: The SH-Tarif does not apply

  • if the departure and destination and the travel route as well are all and completely within the HVV area. In this case, the HVV-Tarif will apply.
  • for journeys by bus only that start and end within the district of Schleswig-Flensburg and the city of Flensburg. In this case, the tariff of the Verkehrsgemeinschaft Schleswig-Flensburg will apply.
  • for journeys by bus only on the North Sea islands. In this case, the transport companies’ own tariffs will apply.