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NAH.SH GmbH — Keeping Schleswig-Holstein on the Move!

Who we are

We are a public transport authority and offer passengers in Germany’s northernmost state regional public transport from a single source.

What we do

On behalf of the State of Schleswig-Holstein we are responsible for organizing regional passenger rail transport and coordinating it with bus services. The State of Schleswig-Holstein, its counties and municipalities are all active members of the transport authority and together we are working to develop a modern, cost-effective public transport network. The regional transport companies work in partnership with the authority.

Our responsibilities


  • plan and optimize regional public transport services
  • prepare tenders for regional passenger rail transport contracts
  • conclude contracts with transport companies on behalf of the State and check whether the services the transport companies offer comply with the contracts 
  • develop concepts for a sustainable regional public transport network and regularly create a state-wide public transport plan 
  • plan infrastructure and stations 
  • manage the authority’s marketing and public relations
  • work hard to coordinate train and bus timetables
  • are committed to customer-friendly services
  • support the development of a standard pricing system for the whole State

Our biggest goal is to the increase the number of passengers using public transport in Schleswig-Holstein by creating an attractive public transport network—and this is something we have been successful at. Since 1995 demand for public transport has increased by around 40 percent throughout the State.

One fare for the whole State: The Schleswig-Holstein-Tarif

One state, one fare, one ticket: The Schleswig-Holstein-Tarif (SH-Tarif) is valid for journeys on public transport in Schleswig-Holstein and to Hamburg—no matter whether you travel by regional trains (RE, RB, NOB, NBE, AKN, NEG, Arriva) or by regional or city buses. You only need one ticket to reach your destination, even if you change busses or trains along the way.
SH-Tarif tickets are valid on the route you have chosen. Your ticket price mainly depends on how far you travel. Additionally, you can use public transport in the town or city you start and end your journey in at no extra cost. For example, if you’re travelling to Hamburg your ticket is valid for all forms of transport within the Greater Hamburg area network of the Hamburger Verkehrsverbund (HVV).

Our fare advisor is the easiest way to find the best price and connection for your journey.